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knitting machines crank or loom style?

21 December, 2008 (22:40) | knitting machines | By: admin

What can you tell me about knitting machines? The crank style or the loom style? I’m interested in quality and speed production, as well as patterns for socks, caps, afghans.

Loom for speed and quanity and accuracy of mechanical designs

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Comment from der_grosse_e
Time December 22, 2008 at 3:55 am

Loom for speed and quanity and accuracy of mechanical designs
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My mom used to write for knitting magazines

Comment from anniebammy
Time December 22, 2008 at 4:14 am

There is a loom that has a crank – it is circular and is good for making tube type of garments – such as hats. The problem is that it will not take just any type of yarn. The thicker yarns or the yarns that are textured will have problems going through this machine.

The loom style machines are great, but each one has it’s preferences. The basic kind, the ones made by Bond are great for most yarns. It is not designed for the really thin yarns (like for socks) or the really heavy yarns. But for the average user it is great.

There are other kinds of machines too. Such as the LK’s and the Toyotas and at one time Brother made some knitting machines.

Using a machine is much faster than doing it the “old fashioned” way with a pair of needles. The machines produce a good quality fabric.

Check out which is a webstore but it also has a great forum for knitting machines (and other crafts). There is also a page that describes the different types of machines and the yarns used.
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